Do you have tight shoulders and neck all the time from computer work or poor posture?

Have you been working too hard and not taking care of yourself?

Is there pain that won't go away?


I'm a professional massage therapist with a practice of clientele who are interested in a longer term professional relationship. My best clients generally are initially looking to resolve muscular pain &/or chronic tension. We work intensively at first with a goal of having regular maintenance massages as soon as possible. 

I work primarily out of a studio next to Columbia, Maryland -- on the eastern edge of Ellicott City. I love having the flexibility of a private practice so that I can adjust my timing and (occasionally) fee schedules for favorite regular clientele.

When you contact me, please tell me a bit about your situation and what you hope to achieve from your bodywork session. We will talk on the phone to take care of any concerns. After that, I communicate mostly by text for the purpose of arranging appointments.

Your neck and shoulders, legs, feet and back will have never felt so good. And tension could be a thing of the past.


I graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage back when it was privately owned by Jerry Toporovsky. Jerry first got me interested in energy medicine and psychoneuroimmunology (connecting mind & emotions to body health) by appealing to my pragmatism. I use a scientific, experimental yet intuitive approach to new learning, and he showed me counterintuitive methods that work!

I also have an advanced certificate for Asian Bodywork. This more holistic, non-invasive methodology is more effective than Western massage alone. The fusion of Eastern and Western techniques has afforded me some amazing results.

I have an unusual combination of credentials including a physics degree, teaching & ministry experience, study of neuroscience and mastery in New Paradigm Multi-Dimentional Transformation® (like Reiki on steroids), using Divine transformational power of love with no conditions.  I like using tools that work.

When you visit me, you feel welcome and relaxed, as though you are on vacation.  You have my complete attention, and I'm in no hurry.  Stress falls away.

Each person has a unique key to personal health and happiness.  I allow space for blocks to release and healing to unfold.  From there, you are free to make clear decisions about life.